College of Innovation and Design


DeanHorng-Show Koo PhD


The College of Innovation and Design is composed of four departments, which are

Department of Performing Arts

Department of Visual Communication Design

Department of Digital Game and Animation Design

Department of Fashion Styling, Design and Management


Development goals and characteristics of the College of Innovation and Design

In response to the practical needs of innovative design and cultural and creative industry planning, and in accordance with the university's positioning as a "pragmatic and practical teaching university", the school combines traditional exhibitions and cultural and creative design fields with its marine characteristics to define traditional industries and cultures. "Creativity is basic, creative marketing is used" is the development characteristic of the college.


Core Competence Planning of the College of Innovation and Design

According to the educational goals of the school and the College of Innovation and Design, the core competences of the College of Innovation and Design are:

1. Commodity design capabilities are in line with the market

2. Cultivation of innovative design capabilities

3. Expand international perspective

4. Integrate the software and hardware resources of the college to improve the

    employment competitiveness of students


Talent training direction of the College of Innovation and Design

The college focuses on the multi-disciplinary training of aesthetic design and humanistic spirit, attaches importance to the cultivation of students' innovative design ability, emphasizes the integration of the theory and technology in the professional field, in line with the world trend of integrated design, cultivates design professionals, and strengthens design competitiveness. The talent cultivation direction of the college complements the development characteristics of the college, implements the development of the three major goals of traditional industries, cultural creativity, and creative marketing, and has a complete plan for the cultivation of high-quality talents.


Center of Marine Innovation and Design Planning

Center of Marine Innovation and Design with marine cultural innovation as the core, the development direction is the industry-academia design, innovative design, and talent education as the main axis. The establishment is divided into 3 groups, including: innovation design group, industry-academia service group, and talent development group.


The Center of Marine Innovation and Design mission is as follows

1. Establish an innovative design cross-disciplinary creation platform to promote personal or integrated research and teaching.

2. Promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign academic institutions and industry.

3. Handle teaching seminars in other innovative design fields.

4. Training and fostering innovative design talents.

5. Other matters related to innovative design development.


Specific priorities for the future development of the College of Innovation and Design

1. Develop appropriate textbooks

2. Promote cross-sectoral research

3. Integrate the college resources

4. Strengthen inter-academic cooperation

5. Deepen international perspective

6. Assist in promoting education


College members

There are 36 faculty members, including 1 professor, 7 associate professors, 21 assistant professors, 3 lecturers, and 4 secretaries.